I am a Canadian artist that is located in Alberta and I thoroughly enjoy all the beautiful wildlife and landscapes along with a real western culture this place offers. I've always had a great love for all animals and have supported and made donations to several organizations to help prevent abuse against animals of all types and sizes throughout the years.

          My art has been a life long passion and have had the opportunity to further expand on my work over the past years. As can be seen in my works I have always favored a realist approach and mostly work with acrylics also doing mixed medium works with bone, leather, wood, stone and feathers. I often get asked if I would do a custom portraits or prints, the answer is yes to both. I have done quite a few custom portraits over the past few years, I will also offer prints from time to time, if you are interested in either or perhaps an original you see in my artwork please contact me for a personal quote or more information.

This site features a selection of my more recent works, so feel free to have a look around and maybe you will see something you like. I'm reasonably active on Facebook so if you want to see the latest artwork I'm currently working on, or any current sale or competition I'm doing head on over there. Thanks for visiting, and if you like what you see feel free to drop me a message by e-mail or on facebook. I love hearing from the many art lovers that enjoy my artworks, thanks for visiting!


          The artist (Lorna Matsuda) retains copyright to all her works, no artwork may be reproduced without the artist's explicit permission. Failure to comply may result in legal prosecution to recover losses due to illegal reproduction.